LOEWE Soundport Compact Bluetooth Speaker, BLACK

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SoundPort Compact.

Great sound in apremium design.

The powerful Bluetooth speaker docking station plays music from numerous sources, such as iDevices, Android smartphones and tablets. It allows wireless streaming of your favourite music using Bluetooth in outstanding quality thanks to the apt-X codec. It’s also supported by an Apple Lightning connector.



Impressive performance.

Despite its compact construction, the Loewe SoundPort delivers rich stereo sound - high-performance amplifiers with digital boosters produce a total music output of 80 watts. The Loewe SoundPort's speaker system consists of two combined mid-range speakers and tweeters together with a subwoofer. The bass reflex tube ensures a surprisingly rich music presence in the low frequency range. The solid aluminium housing, enhanced with fabric speaker covers selected for their acoustic properties, guarantees outstanding sound.



Dock and Play.

Press gently on the cover on top of the SoundPort Compact to fold out the docking mechanism and reveal the integrated Apple Lightning connector. Simply attach your iPhone or iPad to the dockand you're ready to play your favourite tracks. The dock is designed to allow all the most popular smartphone models and tablets to be "parked", in either an upright position or landscape mode, to watch a video for example. Playback is then supported by Bluetooth. After use, the tray glides just as smoothly back inside the attractive housing.


Two USB connections also allow you to connect your Android smartphone, laptop or PC/Mac to the Loewe SoundPort Compact. A particularly handy feature: connect your computer at the same time as your iPhone/iPad to synchronise your iTunes library.



Connectivity Easy Pairing.

Connectivity is another key theme of the Loewe SoundPort. Near Field Communication (NFC) technology makes it easier to connect a wide range of modern mobile devices to the speaker docking station. Simply place the NFC-compatible mobile device on the contact point indicated on top of the SoundPort. This allows you to immediately create a Bluetooth connection and start playing music without having to make complex settings in the device menu. To ensure maximum streaming quality of music in Bluetooth mode, the speaker docking station also features the apt-X codec.

iDevices docked on the SoundPort can be synchronised (iTunes Sync) at the touch of a button with a laptop or PC connected to a USB port to ensure you're always up to date. As you would expect, the Loewe SoundPort  is compatible with all the main operating systems, such as iOS, Android and Windows. What's more, you can charge the batteries of almost all standard mobile devices through the Apple Lightning connector or USB connection.


Perfect features.

Intuitive operation.


As well as outstanding quality and premium design, Loewe is also synonymous with simple operation. The buttons on the SoundPort Compact allow very easy access to all the main functions. As well as volume control and audio source selection (SRC for source), you can activate the "hands-free telephone system" feature. Alternatively, you can control the Loewe SoundPort using the compact Loewe Assist Easy remote control, supplied separately.

Colour codes.


It is often the little details that add the perfect finishing touch. Such as the discreet LEDs on the Loewe SoundPort Compact. These tell you at a glance which source the docking speaker is currently connected to, using a simple colour code.

Convenient telephone system.


The Loewe SoundPort is also ideal for use in your office. Its minimalist design blends seamlessly into any setting and as well as a docking station, it can also be used as a high-quality hands-free telephone system: Echo reduction ensures that you hear the other person with perfect clarity at all times – while the voice-optimised microphone makes sure that you get your message across in all situations. Incoming calls can be accepted easily at the touch of a button.



High-quality workmanship.

This sophisticated technology is packed into a perfectly crafted housing made from high grade aluminium. Both the inner workings and external appearance of the Loewe SoundPort are of the highest quality. The elegant speaker cover made from a special acoustic fabric guarantees balanced sound and rounds off the speaker's very compact appearance. The SoundPort Compact is available in the housing colours of Aluminium Black and Aluminium Silver.

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