About us

Frankston Hi-Fi’s initial inspiration came from a true passion for stereo audio, then an inevitable venture into visual products helped cement the foundation of what Frankston Hi-Fi represents today. An industry leading combination of exciting products with technological know how to provide you with the best results for your Australian dream.

By selling award-winning brands, and employing passionate and creative people, Frankston Hi-Fi has established over the past three decades a business capable of making dreams come true. Creating the magic of movies at home, emulating a cinematic experience; designing systems that allow you to take your favourite movies or music from room-to-room at the touch of a button; fashioning a simple control system to enjoy today’s complicated “black boxes”, has been a motivating commitment. Visiting Frankston Hi-Fi will inspire you to embrace the ever changing innovations available to the consumer.

The future is exciting...if you can’t visit us, we will come to you.

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