PATHOS Logos Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

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Product Description:

Pathos' designers regard every new project as a big challenge regardless of the targeted retail price. And this is only natural since they have to face reference machines such as the multiple award-winning Pathos creations TT (formerly T.T.), InPower and InControl. That's why, after almost two years of design, prototypes, testing and listening, the new Logos integrated amplifier finally went as close as possible to the peerless quality provided by our proprietary INPOL technology.

The Logos is a two-in-one machine that combines pre- and power amplification stages in a common chassis. The electric network has been laid-out in a feedback-free 'natural' way according to the fundamental principles of the Pathos philosophy. The pre-amplification stage is entirely tube-based, balanced, operates in pure class A and is powered by a dedicated stabilised power supply. The digital 100-step volume control system is 100% resistive thanks to an integrated network of high precision, laser-trimmed resistors that guarantee perfect interchannel balance. The input selector is operated through high-tech miniaturised relays, originally developed for very high frequency telecommunication applications.

The output stage is true dual-mono and outfitted with oversized transformers and power supplies to deliver high current into even demanding loads. This stage ensures great energy for superior dynamics and punch, without affecting the warmth, naturalness and musicality provided by the tube stage.

Finally, flexibility is provided for with 5 RCA and 2 balanced XLR input pairs, a two-digit LC display and fully remote controlled functions over volume, mute, input selection and LCD brightness.



Main specifications:

Output power: 110W RMS @ 8 Ohm, 220W RMS @ 4 Ohm

Frequency response: 2Hz-200KHz ±0,5dB

THD: <0.05% p="">

S/N ratio: >90dB

Input impedance: 100 KOhm

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