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Loewe bild 4

Our all-in-one OLED TV.


Unpack, switch on and immerse yourself in the action.


OLED is a fascinatingly different experience that takes television into a whole new dimension, with brilliant, vibrant colours, amazingly authentic pictures, an unbelievable colour spectrum and crystal-clear details. Do you want to experience the feeling of watching a football match directly from the sidelines? Or to watch a crime thriller in pitch darkness and still make out every detail? OLED transports you to the heart of the action! The Loewe bild 4 is state-of-the-art technology that is easy to install and a joy to operate. A perfect package consisting of an ultra-slim 4.9 millimetre screen, 80 watt speaker and table stand.


bild 4.

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OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) technology generates crystal-clear images using self-lighting pixels, extremely effective organic light-emitting diodes. In contrast to LCDs, they do not require back lighting. Each and every pixel produces light. When the pixels are switched off, the result is an intense and complete blackness. With a response time of less than a microsecond. The absolute blackness with no trace of any blooming effect makes colours look more vibrant and brilliant than ever - authentically reproducing even the finest nuances of night scenes. OLED offers flawless, crystal-clear picture quality, with rich contrasts from a direct or lateral viewing angle. Fascinating picture experiences, pure television pleasure. Thanks to Dolby Vision™, the bild 4 produces brilliant high dynamic resolution (HDR) images with an authentic colour spectrum and a whole new level of depth.


Learn more about the latest OLED technology 


OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) is a technology that delivers perfect blacks, authetic colours, a wide viewing angle and extremely thin television designs that are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.



4.9 mm screen.



The powerful 2 x 40 watt stereo sound system with a closed soundbar and two passive membrane ensures warm low frequencies and wonderfully voluminous, resonant sound. To experience that concert hall feeling with a 3.1 sound concept, simply connect the bild 4 to the klang 1 subwoofer and klang 1 speakers. Add another klang 1 subwoofer to scale up to a 5.2 sound system, made possible thanks to the integrated audio multi-channel decoder.


Your smartphone is now a remote control.

Switch on and off, change channel, adjust the volume - all this is now possible using your smartphone. Thanks to our app, you get all the features of a remote control on your phone, for quick and convenient operation.
Clear. Informative. To the point.
Channel Grid. All the channels clearly organised for faster browsing and selection.
On Air Grid. This shows what's currently being broadcast on each channel and the viewing time remaining for each individual film or program.
TV Guide. Our electronic programme guide including recommendations and background information.
Mobile Recording. Never miss your favourite programme again. 
Whether you find yourself stuck in traffic or at another endless meeting, with the app its easy to record films or TV shows remotely. Scheduling future recordings is just as simple. Your Loewe television records to its hard drive, allowing you to enjoy your TV in familiar Loewe premium quality when you finally get back home.
Tips for high speed.
From entering a WiFi password to renaming folders or searching for films - the app makes everything faster and more convenient. Because instead of your remote control, you can now simply use the keyboard on your smartphone. 
Photos from your mobile phone.
Just recently taken and already on your TV.
Present amazing slideshows from the Loewe app. Combine with an atmospheric soundtrack and you can experience all the highlights, almost as intensively as the first time, on the TVs big screen. And best of all, there is no need for additional hardware.
Photos, videos and music.
Our app can do more than just stream your mobile snapshots to the television. Whether your content is on a USB stick, a hard drive or UPnP server, whatever you connect to our televisions, our app allows you to conveniently scroll through all content and display it on the TV or directly on the app. The choice is yours.
A good player lets the user enjoy their content in the best possible way. That’s exactly what we did with our player with it’s reduced and intuitive controls. We even went further with a background that adapts to each individual content that provides a visually pleasing experience.
Your 2nd Screen
More like a second television.
Television with Instant Channel Zapping, Program Guide with detailed information, view photos and watch videos from the hard drive, play music. If you are on the same network as your Loewe TV, the app gives you access to all the main functions, becoming a mobile Loewe television.
The new Loewe app.


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